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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Literary Blog Hop

This week's Literary Blog Hop, hosted by The Blue Bookcase, asks, 

 If you could invite any three literary figures from different eras to a Sunday Dinner who would they be?

Well, I'll tell you. 

First off, I would invite Ernest Hemingway. Because, let's face it, the man was interesting. He loved to tell stories. He was a show off and a man's man. I think he would be a highly entertaining dinner companion.

Secondly, I would have Jane Austen. This is not because I am so obsessed with her books (although I am...) or because I just want to have the chance to fangirl and swoon over her (although I would). She is the first literary figure I thought of after my first choice of Ernest Hemingway popped into my mind, and the simple reason is that I think that Hemingway's boorish ways would absolutely horrify Jane. Can you imagine how appalled she would be? I can picture her writing him up in a future novel, describing his manners and speeches in perfect detail. I'm sure she would toss more than one barbed comment his way, making for a highly entertaining dinner conversation.

Thirdly, I would invite Mira Bartok. Who, as I know, is completely different from the other literary figures I listed. I read Ms. Bartok's book, The Memory Palace, earlier this year and I was so astonished at how interesting and varied her life was. I would love to sit down with her and have a good chat about all of her adventures. Perhaps she would be a good balance for the fiery combination of Hemingway and Austen. 

Who would you invite? 


  1. Interesting choices! Austen would make my list, too. And I actually have had dinner with Mira Bartok, as she's very good friends with some of my very good friends--she's a good one for your list, too!

  2. Now that's an interesting guest list! Like you say, I just have to wonder how the two ladies would find Hemingway, and for that matter, how Hemingway would find their company. It would be entertaining, of that there is no doubt. Austen, I should think, would be priceless company at any dinner party. Ms. Bartok is an author of which I know nothing, I shall have to look her up. Have a great week! Cheers! Chris

  3. I really want to get to the point where I love Ernest Hemingway. So far I don't (though I don't DISLIKE him.) Maybe he needs to be a challenge soon: bio, novels, etc...

  4. Can I just say I love you?? ha, ha! No, seriously, I am so thrilled to see the Papa love! He's my favorite. And I imagine he would be absolutely frustrated and bored with poor Jane. Or he'd try to get her tipsy and make a move on her!

  5. Very creative selection of guests-I wonder if Hemingway would not be too manly a figure for Austin to relate to?-I am not familiar with your third guest and will have to familiarize myself with her? what do you see as some of the topics Austin and Hemingway can discuss?

  6. Big fat yest to Hemingway! I would love to have a conversation with that man, especially about his non-fiction works and especially after reading his book, The Garden of Eden, recently.

    Jane Austen would also be quite fun to dine with, I think - particularly if paired with the right people.

  7. Who would't like Hemingway and Austen at dinner, though it would be a fiery combination.

  8. @As the Crowe Flies - Are you serious!?! That is amazing!! What a small world. Have you read her book? It is fantastic.

    @Christopher - I am certainly curious to know if Hemingway would hit on Jane Austen, and how exactly she would take it. And you should read The Memory Palace by Mira Bartok - it is fantastic.

    @Jillian - I don't actually LOVE him, to be honest. While I haven't fallen in love with any of his works I find Hemingway as a person very interesting.

    @Dawn - Haha why thank you! I think Hemingway would keep pouring Jane drinks and make a move on her. That is something I would like to see.

    @Mel U - I think that is a great question. I think that Hemingway would be too manly for them, which would create an amusing awkwardness (I thrive on such things).

    @Adam - I haven't read that Hemingway yet - sounds like it is a good one! I think Jane Austen would probably be a delightful guest under any circumstances, since she is so intolerant to "bores" in her books.

    @Pepca - Fiery is what I was going for! :)


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