Scenes of Paris: Lovers

Sunday, July 03, 2011

For Paris in July, I want to show some of my favorite pictures of Paris. However, we've all seen the big attractions - The Eiffel Tower, l'Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame. So instead, over the next four weeks I am going to show you all some pictures my roommate and I took while living in Paris of various more interesting things. The theme for today is lovers, and I will have you know that Lisa and I took great pains to sneak these pictures without being observed. So enjoy your little tour of romance in Paris. :)

The lovely train stop I got off at each day. This isn't technically Paris, but a suburb, Le Pecq.

My favorite lovers picture. I made up a whole story in my mind about how these two were eloping.

If I remember correctly, this is Luxembourg Gardens.

Stealth methods employed to capture this tender pair (hence the fluff of hair in the corner of the picture)
More stealth. We should be in the CIA.

I think these are my other favorites... so sweet.

The Seine was a prime spot for lover spotting.

More Seine.

Here is the most blatant PDA we saw in our lover-watching. In case you are curious, this is a man and a woman.

These two look like they are potentially not going to be lovers for long...

Touristy lovers.


  1. I'm now intrigued by the theme for your other posts... Oh yes making up a story for each couple now there's a way to daydream through an afternoon.

  2. Wow, that was some blatant PDA!

    I love people watching and making up stories for all the people that go by.

  3. Awww these are awesome :-) It totally makes me want to just take my camera outside and see what I can catch on film.

  4. Joan Hunter Dunn - It certainly made the time pass on the metro!

    @Tiny Library - I know, we couldn't believe it! It was fun watching everyone else though. I have this great picture of a handsome young guy lying on a bench in front of the Notre Dame dozing with his shoes off. I still want to make a story about him some time.

    @Sarah - It was so fun! At the time people made fun of us for taking the pictures but I am so glad we did.


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