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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today, I got my first library card in four years. Technically, I spend several hours per day in the library, but a university library isn't quite the same as a real library, and that is why, instead of cooking or doing the laundry or studying for my neuroscience midterm, I drove to the library after class, hoping they would give me a card (they are very picky! I was surprised. You have to have multiple forms of identification to get a library card).

The second I walked inside I knew I was home. I have admired the outside of this library for a couple of times, ever since the first time I drove past it on University Avenue. It is actually the original home of my university. I'm not sure if the building is the same, it might just be the site. Anyway, the arrangement of books that actually made sense (you know, alphabetically by the author's last name, as opposed to the university organization that I have never been able to figure out), the little kids coming in with bulging bags of books, the the displays of new and exciting books to try for free, all reminded me of my library, the Eagle Public Library, where I discovered so many favorites. I told myself I could get one book for each A I had gotten on midterms so far, but I got an extra. What can I say, they jumped out at me.

So why didn't I get a library card before now? I have lived here in Utah for going on five years. Part of it was that at first I thought I didn't need one. I had my school ID card and could get anything from the school library. I didn't really have time to read for fun anyway. But now that I am married, I decided I needed to stop my reckless single behavior of buying all the books I wanted and that I should start using a library so we wouldn't have to eat ramen every night. I looked for the books I wanted to read for fun, but some graduate student must have gotten their hands on them because they were checked out until January.

So... I drove down to the library and got these treasures:

Now to convince myself that I need to study instead of read...

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  1. For those you must keep, have you tried It will definitely feed a book habit, for a whole lot less cash!


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