Boog's Books: Peek-a-Who?

Monday, April 15, 2013

I've decided that every so often, whenever I find a book that my son really enjoys, I will share it with all of you. We call him Boog (short for Booger... not sure how it started, but it stuck) so this feature will be called Boog's Books.

I arbitrarily picked Peek-a-Who? by Nina Laden off the shelf because my baby's room is owl-themed. However, it has quickly become his favorite book. Each page has "peek-a..." with a small window, revealing different things such as a cow saying "Moo," a train going "Choo-Choo" and a mirror ("Peek-a-YOU!). The book never fails to elicit a smile from my little guy, and sometimes gets big laughs. I'm very glad we stumbled across it!


  1. My daughter used to love peek-a-boo type books. This one sounds really cute, especially since it has a page with a mirror! :)

  2. Lorren I love this! Such a fun idea! And Happy Birthday today!
    Also I started reading a book called "wild Swans". Apparently it is a must read for anyone coming to or living in china to help better understand the culture and recent history of China. It is a book about three generations of women living in china. I've loved it so far. If you get an asian hankering you should read it!

  3. He is adorable! My baby likes the peek a boo books lately, too. I'll have to look for that one.


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