Quotables: From Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel

Thursday, July 12, 2012

“Rafe’s wife Helen bursts into tears when she hears the news. ‘He will be away at court,’ she says, ‘for weeks at a time.’
He sits with her in the parlour at Brick Place, consoling her as best he can. ‘This is the best thing that has ever happened for Rafe, I know,’ she says. ‘I am a fool to weep over it. But I cannot bear to be parted from him, nor he from me. When he is late I send men to look along the road. I wish we could be under the same roof every night we live.’
‘He is a lucky man,’ he says. ‘And I don’t mean just lucky in the king’s favour. You are both of you lucky. To love so much.’
- Hilary Mantel, Bring Up the Bodies

I am in the home stretch of my husband being away at Officer Basic Training camp -- just under two weeks left until he comes home. However, I've noticed it gets harder and harder the longer he's gone, not easier, and this quote completely captures how I feel about it. I know it's a great opportunity, but sometimes I wish it were different!


  1. You didn't even have to explain why you posted this one today. Hang in there. *hugs*

    1. Thanks! Just over one week left now. Hooray!


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