Happy birthday, Mr. Dickens!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Dear Mr. Dickens,

I haven't much time this evening due to the fact that my professors seem firmly possessed of the belief that I have no need to eat, sleep, or in any other way attend to my needs; they are of the belief that I live solely to study, study study. They are also unaware of my three hour daily commute. For this reason, I haven't the time to say much to you, but I couldn't let this momentous birthday pass without a few words.

I have stronger feelings about you than any other author, I must say. This hasn't always been a positive thing, but as I've been more willing to try your work, I've enjoyed it more. I've read four of your works. A Christmas Carol is a classic. I enjoyed it, but it didn't truly introduce me to your style, because really I was just wrapped up in the story because it is such a part of modern society. I tried to read A Tale of Two Cities many times and couldn't bear it, so I tried Oliver Twist (a second try, I'll admit) and fell in love with your whimsical and yet powerful writing and characters. Then I gave A Tale of Two Cities another chance, and once I powered through the first two chapters, I realized what I had been missing. Granted, it still took me a couple of months to read the book, but by the end, I was swept away. And I have just recently read A Cricket on the Hearth, which was quite charming.

I think we can say that our relationship is finally becoming healthy. And I am so happy that you have more works for me to discover. Because I obsess about reading every book by every author, I hope to reach them all some day, although I don't know if that is truly possible. Pickwick Papers is next on my list, and I definitely plan to read Great Expectations, Bleak House, and David Copperfield in the future as well.

I suppose what I want to say is thank you -- for the excellent writing you produced during your 58 years of life, and the legacy you've left beyond it. You are a trying author, but a rewarding one, and I am looking forward to discovering more of your work.

As always,
The Story Girl


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