Blogger Changes

Sunday, January 22, 2012

As many of you are undoubtedly aware, Blogger is making some changes to friend connect. They are canceling it for all non-Blogger users, meaning if you are not a Blogger-user and you follow my blog through GFC, you will no longer get it in your feed-reader. I would be sad to lose any of you as readers, and I hope you would be sad to stop reading this blog, so please do take a moment to subscribe either through email or by RSS on the side tab to the right. If there is a way that you prefer to subscribe that I don't have listed on my blog, I would be happy to accommodate you by adding a widget for that service as well -- just let me know in the comments. The GFC option won't be disappearing until March, if I am informed correctly, so there is still some time to make a switch. Hopefully we can all transition smoothly into the GFC-free phase -- I know that I don't want to lose any blogs I love. Thanks for taking the time to switch over!


  1. I wasn't aware of it yet, thanks for reminding. I mostly use subscriptions by email myself because I find it most practical.
    I actually find it a little sad that they think they need to restrict it to Blogger only. Internet is supposed to make the world bigger, not smaller ;)
    Anyway, I'm sure we'll find other ways to get our readers to find us right!

    1. I know, i think it is a silly change. I guess the widget is "underperforming." Oh well. It will definitely change the way people blog, I am guessing.


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