Drumroll please... Challenge Wrap-ups!

Friday, December 30, 2011

I had a love-hate relationship with challenges this year. At times I wanted to just throw in the towel and not do any more. However, considering how many I signed up for, I am pretty happy with how I ended up doing. So here's the breakdown...


I did 2 out of 4 on this challenge.

I read 3 out of 8 for this challenge.

While I managed to read some poems and essays for this challenge, my goal was to finish a whole book of essays, which I didn't do.

Almost complete

I've read 7 out of 8 books, and I am almost done with the last book. It should be done by tomorrow night, so I'm considering this challenge to be done.

I've started my one book for this challenge (which I am the only person participating in, I think). I don't think I will be done with it by January 1st, but I will finish it within the first week of January, and it's my challenge, so I think I can accept the late work. Haha.


I finished my goal of 4 chunksters of 450 pages this year. This year I am going to up my goal to 8 chunksters, 3 of which will be over 750 pages. 

I managed 12 South Asian books this year, which was my goal. This year my goal is to read fewer; I love South Asian books but I want to read in some different areas this year. 

I read 12 books that were just for fun this year, 1 for every month. Honestly, I don't think I needed to challenge myself to read books for fun... it was easy, which is why although I enjoyed this challenge, I won't be participating again this year. 

I read 5 out of 5 Victorian classics. This was a fun challenge, and while I am not officially participating again, I am going to read more Victorian classics in the future. 

I read my 2 planned Christmas books this year, and they were great for putting me in the Christmas mood.

I read two Jane Austen books, which was my goal.

In the GoodReads reading challenge, my goal was to read 88 books this year. I read 139, which is more than I ever thought I could read. This year I aim to read 111, because I am planning on reading more thick and difficult books. 

I also participated in numerous read-alongs, which was a blast. Despite my unfinished challenges, I feel like I accomplished a lot this year and I am looking forward to next year's reading!


  1. You did very well! You should feel good about yourself reading so many books.

  2. @Pepca -- Thanks! It's been a great year!


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