Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Had a Strong Emotional Reaction To

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Nice one, Broke and Bookish! We all know how much I like to talk about my feelings, and now we have a blog post where I am at liberty to talk about them all I want. Huzzah.

1. Nevermore by Kelly Creagh - This one stirred feelings of the romantic variety. I was so invested with these characters. I was telling my sister about it last night and she said, "What, is it like Twilight or something?" Um, maybe a little, but like a sophisticated, creepier Twilight. Where the boy is actually awesome, and the girl is still kind of annoying, and I get butterflies every time anything infinitesimally romantic happens.

2. Kartography by Kamila Shamsie - This is my favorite book, so of course I had a strong emotional reaction to it. I felt like I could relate to all the messed up emotions the characters were experiencing in their messed up, tangled relationships, even though I don't live in a war zone.

3. Delirium by Lauren Oliver - Okay, did you read the last page? I don't need to say anything else!

4. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver - And while we're on the subject of Lauren Oliver... While Before I Fall wasn't my favorite book, I was bawling pretty hard during the sister farewell scene. If you've read it, you know what I mean.

5. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak - Mr. Zusak has a knack for manipulating all my emotions and making me cry on public transportation. Which is why I Am the Messenger is number 6.

7. The Amber Spyglass by Phillip Pullman - If you have not already noticed, I am a sentimental sap. I was even worse when I was younger (actually, I am still just as bad, only I know that it is more socially acceptable to not show it to every single person on the planet -- just those unfortunate enough to be in my circle of close friends and family). I used to put rose petals and flowers in the romantic parts of my favorite books. I thought this was very sophisticated and artistic of me. Anyway, my point is that my copy of The Amber Spyglass (which, to my utmost sadness, is lost, possibly forever) had many rose petals in it. It is subtle but powerful.

8. The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton. I adore this book but the end of it killed me. I need to read it again one of these days but it might have to be one of those every-five-years rereads, because I think it had me down for a day or two after finishing. Down in that really happy way because it was so amazing and beautifully written, but still down.

9. Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly. When this book ended it still reverberated with me for days.

10. I can't think of one last shining example here. The Last of the Mohicans is a good one, although it doesn't stand out in my mind as much as a strong emotional reaction book. But it is the one I am writing, because I am tired. Woot.


  1. I know what you mean about a book bringing you down for a few days after reading it. And yet also finding the book to be very powerful.

  2. I started Age of Innocence earlier this year and need to get back to it. The only other Edith Wharton I have read is Ethan Frome and I really liked it so I want to read another - especially one set in NY.

  3. I never finished Revolution and I'm not sure why. I was liking it, but I think I renewed it too many times before I started it and had to take it back to the library. Maybe I should request it again...

    Come visit me at The Scarlet Letter.

  4. I don't know about Kartography! Oh no!


  5. I completely agree with you on The Amber Spyglass. It was very powerful and moving. And, the ending was so bittersweet.

  6. I have not read any of the books on your list (except for the last one - can't say it brought out strong emotions in me too!). I do have The Book Thief on my TBR list now after seeing it on all book lists.. Love your reading challenges - wish I had found them earlier this year... and love Anne of Green Gables.. Am following you now.

  7. @DebNance - It is kind of a Catch-22... I love the feeling but can't take too much of it!

    @Booksync - I read Ethan Frome years ago but I remember absolutely nothing. I need to read it again.

    @LBC - It is definitely a long book. I loved the ending though -- you should finish it!

    @Asheley - Read it! I think you would like it!

    @Jenni Elyse - Even thinking about the ending just makes me die. I love it so much!

    @Lady in Read - Love your username! The Book Thief is stunning, hope you like it. Anne of Green Gables probably should have been on this list as well! I love those books.


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