Quotables: What Three Authors Think of Thanksgiving

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mark Twain: The Cynical Approach

Thanksgiving Day, a function which originated in New England two or three centuries ago when those people recognized that they really had something to be thankful for - annually, not oftener - if they had succeeded in exterminating their neighbors, the Indians, during the previous twelve months instead of getting exterminated by their neighbors, the Indians. Thanksgiving Day became a habit, for the reason that in the course of time, as the years drifted on, it was perceived that the exterminating had ceased to be mutual and was all on the white man's side, consequently on the Lord's side; hence it was proper to thank the Lord for it and extend the usual annual compliments.

Ayn Rand: The Raging Capitalist Approach

Thanksgiving is a typically American holiday... The lavish meal is a symbol of the fact that abundant consumption is the result and reward of production.

E.P. Powell: The "Nice" Approach

Thanksgiving Day is a jewel, to set in the hearts of honest men; but be careful that you do not take the day, and leave out the gratitude. 

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you all have a wonderful week preparing and hopefully finding a way to be with family. I know for me, it can't come soon enough!


  1. I must say, turkey is even better with a dash of Twain on the side. Well chosen!


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