A-Z Me Meme

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I've been seeing this meme float around the interwebs and since I don't have any thing else planned for today I thought I might as well join the party and fill it out!

Age: 23. And a half.

Bed Size: Queen size, which is not always easy when your bed partner is 6'4" and moves around a lot in his sleep.

Chore that you hate: I kind of hate all of them. But mostly sweeping and mopping. 

Dogs: I grew up with labs, and now my family has a dachsund. My husband and I are thinking we might get a Jack Russell someday when we have a yard. 

Essential start to your day: Food.

Favorite colors: Orange is my first favorite and purple is my second favorite. So I love Halloween decorations. 

Gold or Silver: Gold.

Height: 5'5". And a half.

Instruments you play: I play the piano... in fact, I almost majored in piano performance when I first started college long ago. I also play the guitar and sing. 

Job Title: SN, which stands for student nurse, but which we affectionally call "sort-of nurse."

Kids: None yet, but hoping for some in the next couple of years!

Live: Grew up in Idaho but I'm currently living in Utah. 

Mother-in-Law’s name: Regina

Nicknames: Lola, Lor, Lorski

Overnight hospital stays: Only when I work the night shift. 

Pet Peeves: People driving like idiots 

Quote from a movie: "You are a murderer of LOVE!"

Right or Left handed: Right

Siblings: I'm the oldest of 3 -- I have a little sister who is 20 and a brother who is 17. 

Time you wake up: Depending on whether I have class or clinicals, either 5:00 am or 4:00 am (the joys of commuting)

Underwear: Yes.

Vegetable you hate: Iceberg lettuce is probably my least favorite thing. 

What makes you run late: Remembering things I forgot as I try to get out the door, or not being able to find things I need.

X-Rays you’ve had: I've had wrist x-rays at least twice, leg x-ray, knee x-rays, and teeth x-rays. 

Yummy food that you make: I love making bread. I also make a pretty tasty chicken pot pie. 

Zoo animal: Giraffes!! Especially babies!


  1. Ha! I know what your movie quote is from. I'm so proud!

    Oh man, I would not want to be you and get up that early.

    So...just specifically iceberg lettuce? It kinda all tastes the same to me.

  2. I did this meme and never even noticed the questions were A-Z!! We have a new baby giraffe at our zoo and he is SO cute!

  3. I love chicken pot pies! I may have to steal, er, ask for your recipe. :)

  4. @Jenny - Good, we can be friends. Haha. I need to watch that movie before Thanksgiving, it is such a good fall movie. And yeah, just iceberg lettuce. I can't stand it. Especially the shredded kind.

    @Helen - I am so jealous! I want to see him! Haha

    @Jenni Elyse - I will send it to you! I'll stop by your blog and email it. :)


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