Sunday Salon: Ramblings

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I just feel like having a good old-fashioned heart-to-heart ramble with you today, bloglings. I've been out of town for the past week and before I settle back into my routine of studystudystudycleansleepstudy(read), I thought I'd give you a little update on the old life. So pretend to care or don't, but this is what's been up lately:

This is where I was - San Pedro, CA
* I went to California to spend time with my Nana (my mom came for a while, too!)
* I shopped approximately 18 hours
* I ate two Pinkberrys
* I was introduced to Persian, Korean, and Cuban food
* I ATE BANANAS (okay, they were actually plantains. But if you know me, this is a big deal because I hate bananas).
* I saw beautiful art and realized I don't actually hate 14th century art. There is some good stuff out there, and Norton Simon found most of it.
* I had high tea at the Scarlet Tea Room. Which consisted of five courses of pure delightful heaven. Are you curious what they are? Of course you are, so I'll tell you. The first was strawberry sorbet. The second, strawberry and cinnamon scones with fresh cream, lemon curd, and strawberry preserves. The third were tea sandwiches, and because we are so intelligent, we got all different ones and cut them in half. I won't bore you with the full list (something I do tend to do, since my journal from France consists almost entirely of descriptions of the food), but I'll tell you that my favorites were salmon and chives, chicken almond curry, and pear with gorgonzola. Then we had tiny cakes and petit fours and finally, berries romanoff. The teas we had were blueberry and chocolate.
* Trips to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: 3, resulting in a discovery of a new favorite, Chai Rooibos. I had never had chai before because I don't drink caffeine, so I was thrilled to find that they had a chai made with my favorite tea, rooibos.
* Pumpkin spice (fake, because they were actually just steamers) lattes consumed: 2
The Anthropologie knockoff scarf.
It was a little different than this one.
* Scarves made: 3.5 I knitted two and a half cute ruffly scarves and then my Nana helped me make an Anthropologie knock off ruffly scarf that I found on Pinterest. Oh Pinterest, you might make a crafty person of me yet.
* Responsibilities attended to: absolutely zero.

So I feel very refreshed and (almost) ready to start being responsible again next week. At least I have a bit of energy to propel me through the rest of this semester, and then I will be halfway finished with my second degree and only eight months away from employability.

In other news, the Husband has two interviews for dental school coming up, giving us two potential indications for where we could be spending the next four years of our lives. Interview number one, on Halloween, is in Arizona. Not so sure how I feel about living in the heat, but it is in the city where I was born, and I have always wanted to go back, because I feel like it is silly that I've never visited the city I was born in. The other is here in Utah, which isn't my ideal location of choice - I've been here for a while now and I would like to move. However, there are some benefits, namely the Provo Library, the fact that I would still get to experience fall, and the AWESOME bloggers that are here. And family and stuff. :) So, yes.

In blogging news, the Classics Circuit starts tomorrow, so be sure to check out all the awesome stops around the blogosphere if you'd like to learn about some creepy reads. I'll be posting about Frankenstein on Tuesday. Also, the Readathon is on Saturday and I am participating! I won't be able to do it the whole time, partly because I have book club (which kind of counts, amiright?) and also because I don't want to ignore the Husband for a full 24 hours (and he wouldn't tolerate it well if I did). So we'll see what actually gets done. I'd love to get through at least two books and read for eight hours or more. Hopefully I can get everything done a little early this week in order to have the time for it.

Well, hope you are having a great Sunday, blog-people. Back to regular programming tomorrow.


  1. ooh, first time to your lovely blog and what a thoughtful post to read. (And of course, now I want a pumpkin spice latte and a ruffly scarf.) :)

  2. I love high tea! I have gone once or a little Victorian cottage restaurant in an Old Town neighborhood.

    Love that scarf, too.

    What a lovely time you's good to do that once in awhile.


  3. Sounds like an awesome fun trip you've had! Good luck with the readathon next week. I'm still not sure what I'm doing and it's making me crazy.

  4. I loved your post! Likewise, I've been away & kept the blog prepared withsome scheduled posts. I plan to share details of my break which will include various ramblings, lusts & photos. I especially liked your details of the afternoon tea.

  5. The scarf is beautiful! Glad you had a fun weekend!

  6. What a fantastic visit with your Nana in sunny California. I am up the coast from there in Santa Barbara so love it when someone enjoys there time in my area. High Tea sounds like lots of fun, but the best part is the no responsibilities!

  7. You were in my neck of the woods all week! It sounds like you did all kinds of fun things. Thanks for sharing. (I love Anthropologie--pretty scarf!)

  8. @Karen - Thank you for stopping by! And you should definitely treat yourself to a pumpkin latte. Let me know if you want instructions for the ruffly scarf. :)

    @Creations - It certainly was a lovely time, especially the high tea. I think I am going to have to do that again, although not too soon (I think I ate probably 500% of my daily allotment of sugar).

    @Suey - I hope you get to do the readathon! I am excited for my first time. :)

    @Anglers Rest - Thank you! It is so nice to have scheduled posts and not worry about anything for a while, isn't it?

    @Booksync - Thank you!

    @Helen - The no responsibilities was wonderful! I am still getting used to returning to school and house cleaning *sigh*. However, I definitely have a lot more energy now that I've taken a brief break.

    @Melody - Lucky you to live in such a beautiful area! I'm an Anthropologie addict, although for now I mostly haunt the sale section.

    @Asheley - It was! It was a great break.


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