Book to Movie: Something Borrowed

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Something Borrowed is based on the novel by Emily Giffin. Rachel and Darcy have been best friends since childhood, and Darcy has always been the leader - the most stylish, the one the men flock to, even getting into Rachel's top choice college when she was rejected. It makes sense that Dex fell for her when Rachel introduced them years ago. However, after a party with a little too much drinking, Rachel and Dex discover that they have strong feelings for each other. The major problem? Dex and Darcy are getting married in a few months. 

Here's what had to say about this movie: 
"Something Borrowed" is something ... ew."
"An intoxicated condition might be the best one in which to watch this terrible movie."
"It should have borrowed some charm."
"Prepare to leave feeling something blue."

So why did I like it so much? It's about cheating, a subject I hate. It's extremely cheesy. But for some reason, I absolutely enjoyed it. I think that reason is probably Ethan, played by John Krasinski (aka, Jim Halpert. Need I say more?). In the book, he was living in London for the entire story. However, in this movie he is actually in New York, with the characters. They also throw in a more direct allusion to Ethan's feelings for Rachel that made me just want to cry. There is a kiss on the forehead scene that gave me visceral pain because it was so sweet. I am clearly revealing my weakness for chick flicks, here - feel free to scorn me. So, Ethan is the main thing that this movie has going for it. I also enjoyed Ginnifer Goodwin's performance as Rachel (and can I just say it is extremely obvious that Ginnifer Goodwin is a much better dancer than Kate Hudson?).

Another small departure that the movie had from the book was that I think I had a clearer sense of Dex and Rachel's attraction to each other before Darcy's entrance into Dex's life. Nearly everything that happened in the movie was also in the book, but for some reason seeing it visually had a stronger impact for me than reading it in this case. In the book, I still felt as if it was a stretch that Dex and Rachel had been in love before. However, in the movie, I could see the attraction and the emotions at play. 

I didn't like the portrayal of Marcus or Dex. In this movie, Marcus was just a big, dopey moron. He was definitely more of a caveman than the other male characters in the book, but he was still credible as a person Rachel could show interest in. In the movie, he is not even remotely believable as an adult. I cringed whenever he was on the screen. I also didn't love Dex. I already wasn't wild about him - in my opinion Rachel should have just gone for Ethan and everyone would have been happy - but in the movie he seemed so eager to please and unsure of himself. He never went for what he wanted, except when he was drunk. 

Obviously, this movie is a huge drama fest. We don't learn anything fundamental about human nature, and I don't think it will last through the ages. However, if you need a little drama fix or if you read the book and are as much of an Ethan fan as I am, this movie is probably a frothy little diversion you will enjoy. 


  1. I have been back and forth if I want to see this movie or not. I listened to the book on audio and it drove me nuts...yet, the movie... sort of calls to me...

  2. The good thing about a movie is that it is much less of a time investment than a book so I say if it calls to you give it a try! It's definitely not hard-hitting cinema but it gave me a few good laughs.

  3. I liked this movie! I almost didn't go see it because of the reviews, but I thought it was really entertaining and movie critics don't know what they are talking about! :)

    1. They always talk down chick flicks, anyway!


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