Something Blue by Emily Giffin

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Title: Something Blue
Author: Emily Giffin
Genre: Chick lit
Publisher: St. Martin's Press, 2005
Source: Borrowed from my sis-in-law

Humiliated and infuriated with her former best friend Rachel, Darcy is nonetheless dealing with bigger problems than embarrassment that she had to cancel her wedding and concern that Rachel and Dex's relationship is more than a one-time fling. Pregnant with Dex's best friend's child, she is determined to turn this new relationship into the fairy-tale that never came to fruition with Dexter. However, when things work out differently than Darcy wanted (and when has that ever happened to her before!?!), she moves to London, desperate to escape her family, former friends, and situation. However, in London, Darcy's previously golden rules for manipulating situations and people to her benefit seem to be failing. Will she find happiness there?

Does that scream "soap opera" to you? Because, my friends, that is exactly what it is. If you thought Something Borrowed was dramatic, wait until you hear Darcy's take on the situation. I must say I didn't enjoy being in Darcy's head quite as much as I enjoyed being in Rachel's. Darcy is much crasser and pathologically self-centered. Instead of being entertained, I found myself cringing multiple times per page. Add Marcus, who in Something Borrowed didn't seem as awful, and we have a few painfully awkward scenes.

Things improve slightly when we head to London, for two reasons - London itself, and Ethan. I have never felt the allure of London. I'd much rather be in Paris (if you've ever read this blog, I'm sure you know that) or somewhere in Italy. However, this story placed London forever on my must-visit list. I loved the atmosphere and Darcy's experience of falling in love with the city. She isn't quite sure what to expect from this new culture that doesn't bow to her every whim, but she grows to love it as she learns to accept it, and it accepts her back.

And Ethan. He was easily my favorite part of Something Borrowed, and I really wanted Rachel to kick Dex to the curb and fall for Ethan instead. Ethan does exactly what he wants, not putting up with any nonsense from Darcy no matter what she does to toy with him. Despite this, he is still incredibly kind and generous, constantly giving to and supporting Darcy as she free-loads in his flat. The development of their relationship was interesting to watch. At first, I resisted their close friendship. I hated Darcy and love Ethan - I didn't want her claws in him. But their friendship transforms both of them into something infinitely better than what they were before, and that was a beautiful piece of the book.

If you are a fan of Emily Giffin, you might wonder if Rachel and Dex make any appearances in this sequel. The answer is yes, in a few ways. First of all, Darcy obsesses endlessly at the beginning (as can be expected). They also appear in a few other places, and we get some hints to how their lives are playing out. This second book is definitely about Darcy, but Rachel and Dex don't completely disappear from the picture.

For me, this book wasn't quite as enjoyable as Something Borrowed, mainly due to Darcy's obnoxiousness and crassness at the beginning of the book. However, the message of this book is far superior to that of the first one - it shows the transformation of a selfish, immature girl into a balanced and dynamic woman. While the actual reading process wasn't as smooth a reading experience as with the first book, I feel that Something Blue has more to offer in actual enrichment.

3.75 stars

Warnings for the sensitive reader: Some language, references to bedroom activities


  1. I've heard raves on both of these now and I hope to be able to get to them sooner or later!! Why does the TBR pile have to grow so much faster than the Read pile??

    BTW... I mention you in my latest post, so come over and take a look. I hope you like it!


  2. They are fun reads! I also enjoyed the movie of Something Borrowed, although it didn't get great reviews.

    Thanks for the book award! I appreciate it. :)

  3. I definitely enjoyed this one, too, and am a total London fanatic -- so the setting really enhanced the story for me. Though I was all set out to despise her, Darcy won me over by the end.


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