Scenes of Paris: The Food

Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's the last day of Paris in July! I wasn't able to do as many posts and reviews as I had hoped - many of my planned Paris in July reviews will actually be occurring in August. However, I have enjoyed this event immensely and will be participating again next year! I am closing with pictures of what for me was one of the best parts of Paris - the amazing food. Enjoy.

Gyros - our favorite Latin Quarter snack and something we returned to again and again. The restaurant worker hand-feeding us fries dipped in tzatziki sauce didn't hurt.

Une tarte framboise pour l'anniversaire de Lisa. :)

One Sunday, we stayed in Versailles for hours after church because one of our church leaders, President Uchtdorf, was coming to speak nearby. We packed a lot of snacks and got creative. These are oranges dipped in Nutella.

Millefeuille au chocolat from Paul, a chain that was everywhere and delicious.

Lisa found some ratatouille at a little corner shop and had to get it because of the Disney movie.

Beautiful macarons from Pierre Herme. My favorite were actually from Laduree, but I sadly didn't take any pictures there.

Gelato from my favorite gelaterie. I always got lychee and white chocolate.

The first of many paninis in Paris, but this was the best - olive oil and salmon.

Strawberry millefeuille from Paul - the first pastry we got. You can tell we are pretty excited.

We always split our pastries so we could try two different ones.

Gelato from everyone else's favorite gelaterie, another chain that was everywhere. While I liked my place best, this place did have style, sculpting the gelato into pretty flower cones.

A delicious raspberry treat from Angelina's. They are actually famous for their hot chocolate, but I couldn't choose cocoa over a pastry. This was delicious. I was actually really sick on this day, but I ate the pastry anyway. It was the only thing I ate all day!

Hope you aren't too hungry! I also wanted to make a small announcement - I am one of the guest bloggers today at Pepca's Bookie Blogger Brunch, so stop by and check out her question and the answers!


  1. Oh my gawd! I want to go to Paris just for the food.

  2. Yes ma'am! I wrote a journal while I was there and wrote down every single thing I ate. It was heaven!

  3. That raspberry treat looks AH-MAZ-ING! So does panini... I really shouldn't have looked at all this before breakfast, I'm starving!

  4. @Sarah - I know! I would go back just for the food.


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