LOTR Read-along: March Post

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I can't promise much with this wrap-up post, guys. Today has been the day from you-know-where, complete with being locked out of the house, burning my hand, and irate customers and co-workers. But now I am at home, and my husband cleaned the kitchen, so there is happiness in my heart now. :)

So, to sum up:

(PS: This is a Read-along post so it will be spoiler-ific) until otherwise noted...

* Boromir does not die yet?!? What? I was thinking the pages were winding down rather quickly and wondering where that epic battle I remember from the movie was. Clearly, this reread was needed, since I can't distinguish the movie from the novel anymore.

*I love Sam. I love that Galadriel gives him things for his garden instead of fancy weapons or magic potions. I love that he is so entranced by the elves. I love that he has poetry and songs memorized, and inside his chubby little hobbit body he has the soul of a romantic. And I love that he'll do anything for Frodo. He's a good man.

*Despite the occasional heaviness of the descriptive passages (mainly the ones where the fellowship was just walking and traveling for days and days), I really loved Tolkien's descriptions, especially those of Lorien. I distinctly remember my friend Lily telling me in middle school that she wanted to go live in a flet with Legolas (we were a tiny bit in love when the movies first came out). Now I want to go live in a flet with my husband.

Ok, end spoiler-ificness, enter really short review-ness. (I'm a lazy bum...)

Accessibility/Readability - It's a bit thick at times. Many many words and many many descriptions. But the reading level itself is probably high school.
Plot: 5. This is Lord of the Rings, the most epic fantasy story of all time!
Characters: 4 - I love these characters, especially the hobbits.
Writing: 4. It may get heavy at times, but you have to admit it's beautiful.
Personal Response: 4.
Overall: 4.25

Leave a comment with your link and I will post it here! I'm excited to start The Two Towers!



  1. I was waiting for Boromir to die, too, well not waiting, but you know what I mean:) Too much movies watching, obviously.

    Sorry for your bad day, I wish it gets better!

    Here is my post: http://beyondstrangenewwords.blogspot.com/2011/03/fellowship-is-finished.html

    I'll try to post a review, too, but I can't promise when, especially because I'm so partial to LOTR that I'm not sure I can review it or how to do that.

  2. I'm ashamed to admit this, but it took me four years to finish The Lord of the Rings. My interest dwindled every time the characters traveled... Your post reminded me that I really need to reread the trilogy. :)

  3. @Pepca - I will post your link! And no obligation to post a review. My review can hardly even be called a review, its more a rapid scribbling.

    @Darlyn - The traveling is definitely the rough part!

    @kaye - great! I think I posted your links on one of the earlier read-along posts.

  4. http://brendasmum.blogspot.com/2011/03/felloship-of-ring.html

    Your day sounds like my week. I actually wrote this a couple of weeks ago, but never got a chance to post it here. I also love Sam, his innocence and the fact that he is such a perfect best friend for Frodo.


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