LOTR Read-Along: January Post

Monday, January 31, 2011

Hey everyone! Sorry about my lack of response to everyone lately - it has been a nightmare of a week. Fortunately, I just quit my job. Unfortunately, I don't have a new one yet - so if you know of anything for an almost-college graduate in the Utah area let me know!

But let's get down to business. Today is the first post of the Lord of the Rings Read-along hosted by yours truly. January through March, we are reading the first book in the trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring.

I am probably most familiar with this book. I read it twice and enjoyed the movie the best of the three. However, I haven't read any Tolkien for about ten years, so it has been a wonderful revisit. My plan for this first book has been to read two chapters a week, so I have just finished with Frodo and the other hobbits' adventure with the Barrow-wights.

Because my most recent experience with Tolkien has been the Peter Jackson films, I had almost forgotten about Tom Bombadil and Goldberry, two residents of the Forest Frodo has to trek through. The whole Forest scene is basically left out of the movies, which is a shame because it was so fun to read. We get a little glimpse of the hobbits on their own, dealing with some of the local menaces, before they are fully involved with Sauron. I also love that Frodo's friends planned on coming with him on his journey. In the movie, Frodo stumbles upon them and they end up going together. But I think the decision of Merry and Pippin to follow Frodo is a better demonstration of the courage and resilience of hobbits that Gandalf constantly mentions. They are aware of the dangers of Frodo's journey, thanks to a little bit of secret information passed along by Sam, and they are willing to go anyway.

I also am really enjoying the songs and the descriptions, something that I have heard many people complain about in the books. It makes me wish that a few more had been included in the films. I think because I am reading in bite-size, it is easier to relax and enjoy the long descriptions. Tolkien really has created a world of beauty. I feel as if I am just peering into a world, instead of having a story told to me - sometimes there are references and allusions that I do not understand, but it is fun to be so immersed in this little world. I'm looking forward to reading more, especially in the next two books that I do not remember as well.

Participants: I am posting a Mr. Linky if you would like to link up your January posts! I will also put a link to this post on the LOTR Read-along page.


  1. I've linked my post. Thanks for commenting on it.

    I agree with you on the part about Frodo's friends planning to join him. I think this makes their friendship more real, stronger, than in the movies, where they join him by accident.

    Oh, and I'm sorry to hear about your job, if it's any comfort, there's two of us out of work. That's why I have so much time to read:)Plus, I love LOTR so much it goes real fast.

  2. I always liked the Tom Bomadil part as well, even though so many people think it's terribly slow. I was sad he didn't make any appearance in the movie.

  3. I agree, the fact that his friends "conspire" so that he can't escape without them is so cute and awesome!

    I dislike the Tom Bombadil chapters. :) They just always put me to sleep. I do like the barrow-wight bit, though.

  4. well said--I love all of Tolkiens descriptions and songs. But I also love Peter Jackson's interpretation of the work. I actually participated in a Tolkien read-a-long last January through March so I'm linking to my posts from then. But I'd like to see what other readers are saying.

    Book One--Kaye

    And Book Two--Kaye

  5. This was my favorite of the three films too (I saw it in the theater 13 times). And no, I'm not obsessed.

    I agree with you about Frodo's friends joining him, that's the true bond of friendship.

  6. Thank you all for responding! It was fun to read your posts. I'm excited to keep reading!


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