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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sarah at Sarah Says was kind enough to give me the Stylish Blogger Award. This has been a tough week with my new job so it was a nice pick-me-up to get a little blog love! Thanks Sarah! The rules are to pass the award on and then list seven things about myself. I am going to pass on the award to three bloggers I know who have very stylish blogs:

2. Bethany at words, words, words

All of these bloggers have great content and great layouts.

As for random facts about myself, I am very tired so they shall be very random.

1. I bake all my bread from scratch. No store-bought bread for me!

2. I do over half of my reading on the treadmill.

3. I love 70s music. Which sometimes makes me feel like I'm old. But I can't help it.

4. My favorite color is orange.

5. I just finished my application to nursing school - it was turned in yesterday! I have no idea when I will find out about whether or not I get in, but I hope I do!

6. My husband is applying to dental schools right now. We are applying to over 16 schools but my biggest hope is that we end up in San Francisco. :-D

7. I can't wait to graduate from college in April.

That's all folks.


  1. Wow, thanks so much for thinking of me. Orange is a good color - and good luck to both of you on the applications! I've been putting together my Ph.D. application, but I keep hearing things about that path which have been deterring me. Nursing and Dentistry, though - sounds awesome (and I love San Francisco)!

  2. Thanks! I really appreciate the award! Oh, I love your 7 facts-- I'm completely in admiration of the fact that you bake your own bread. Biscuits, Irish Soda Bread, Cornbread- I can do, but that's about all. Haha. I must persuade you to divulge your secrets! Good luck with the application process- I know it's hard work. And here's hope to landing on a campus in San Fran! I can't wait to follow your reviews/updates throughout the year!

  3. Aww! Thanks so much for the award! Glad you like my blog!

    And reading on a treadmill? That is definitely a great way forward! You must be very fit!

  4. Good luck to both of you on the applications! I'll cross my fingers on your behalf for San Fran.

    I don't think I've ever met anyone who preferred orange, so: Cool! Do you wear it a lot?

  5. @Adam - Good luck with your Ph.D application, if you decide to continue with it. Yup, my husband and I are medical nerds!

    @Beth - I do bake my own bread, but it's actually kind of funny - the one time I made biscuits my husband asked me not to make them again. Haha. So maybe I'll share my bread baking recipe and you can share biscuit secrets? I have been thinking about doing some cooking posts some time, maybe I'll start with that! Thanks for the good luck wishes :)

    @Bethany - Hmm, maybe I would be fit if I didn't also eat all the time! Haha.

    @J.G. - Thanks! I don't wear orange all the time, but I do have a pair of orange Converse and a lot of orange purses. :) It's actually my husband's favorite color too, so our home is a little bit neon, haha.


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