Lord of the Rings Read-Along

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Something about December makes me crave Lord of the Rings. I think it is probably nostalgic memories of waiting for the movies to come out and going with my family after Christmas. Last year I started rereading the series, only to stop in favor of other books. While I read the series when I was younger, I have been wanting to revisit Middle Earth for years.

So I hatched up a plan - read a book every three months. That gives me enough time to stay on top of my other reading, while still being able to immerse myself in the story I've been missing. I was planning to do it on my own. However, as I saw some read-a-longs on other blogs, I thought it would be fun to turn this into one. I have never hosted or participated in a read-a-long, so I am just figuring this out as I go, but please feel free to join in the fun.

Here is the schedule:
January - March 31, 2011: The Fellowship of the Ring
April - June 30, 2011: The Two Towers
July - September 30, 2011: The Return of the King
October - December 31, 2011: Any other book by or about Tolkien!

Why not The Hobbit? I have read The Hobbit three or four times. I love it, but I don't really want to reread it this year. I am thinking that I might try the Silmarillion. However, because others may want to read it, and because of the movie coming out this year, I wanted to let it be up to you what you would like to read.

Feel free to join in for just one of the books, or all of them - whatever you have been wanting to reread. I plan on posting each month about how the read-a-long is going.

Sign up here...


  1. I tried to read LOTR at least twice and listen to the book-on-tape once and never could get more than 50 pages in, even though people kept telling me how great it is.
    I blame my analytical mind.


  2. I participated in a Lord of the Rings read-a-long last year. It was the first time in many years I had reread them. I really enjoyed myslef. Have fun

  3. I have tried to read LOTR before and failed, despite the fact that there were many people around me praising the series. Recently I got around to seeing the movies (yes, for the first time), and they made me add the first book on my TBR yet again. In which context this read-a-long is the perfect thing for me, so I just had to sign up :)

  4. @Man of la Books - It's too bad that you haven't enjoyed the series. Some books just aren't for everyone, I guess!

    @kaye - I'm looking forward to it! Thanks for stopping by.

    @Kay - I'm glad you are on board for the read-along. I'm getting really excited to get started!

  5. LOTR is one of my favorites! I'll have to stop back in and see how the Read-along is going!

  6. This is such a cool idea! I am totally in.

  7. Fantastic idea! I'm a huge fan of LOTR and (re)reading once more won't hurt:), so I'm joining in!

  8. Oh, I love the LOTR, will definitely join in!

  9. Thanks everybody who is participating! I am excited to get started, I just got to my parents' home and collected my old copies of LOTR. The tab is up now on top of my blog, so feel free to check that out as well.

  10. I've been wanting to reread LoTR for a while (along with "The Hobbit" and "Silmarillion"), but this will definitely help me do that because, like you, I keep pushing them aside for other books that I haven't read yet. I think my fourth book will actually be "The Legend of Sigurd & Gudrún" since I haven't read it yet and I got it a few weeks ago. :-)

  11. Alysha, thanks for participating! I haven't heard of The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun - I am excited to hear your thoughts about it. I just started The Fellowship yesterday and it is making me want to read all of Tolkien's works now.

  12. Okay, hope it's not too late for this one. The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings are my favorite books ever. The only books recommended by an English teacher that I loved! I've read them many times since my 8th grade English teacher recommended them and have just about worn out the dvds of the movies. I'll post my reviews on Goodreads since I have no blog. Really looking forward to this, haven't re-read them in a while./bj

  13. @Betty - It's not too late to sign up! Although most people have finished The Fellowship of the Ring at this point, you are welcome to catch up whenever you'd like. If you don't have a blog, feel free to comment with either a URL to your goodreads site or just comment your thoughts on the monthly posts. Thanks for joining!


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