Hoppy Halloween (and Hoppy Friday!)

Friday, October 29, 2010

This weeks question is...
"What is the one bookish thing you would love to have, no matter the cost?"
Oh please, do not get me started.So, this has been planned since I was 15 or 16. Someday when I have all the money in the world, I will have a wonderful library. It will have vaulted ceilings and floor to ceiling bookshelves. In one corner of the room, I will have a raised platform for my lovely cherry wood baby grand piano (this is also hypothetical...). That corner of the room will have a huge bookcase of piano music (hey, my piano books already represent 1/4 of the books in my apartment!)
There will be a large, mahogany roll-top desk with a secret drawer for all my journals. There will be brown leather armchairs and loveseats. There will be no TV. The room will connect to the rest of my house with French doors that lock. The room will also have one wall with floor to ceiling rectangular windows and long curtains. I will have impressionist art on the walls, and my husbands paintings from Verona.
Thanks for indulging my little materialistic spree. Please comment with your answers!


  1. I love the addition of the grand piano in your library! What is better than that. I can hear my daughter sitting there playing some of her orginal classic pieces that she has written while I read. What a charming picture!!
    The Delusional Diaries

  2. Dream library!! That's my bookish indulgence... since I can't actually have one, I'm going back to school for Library Science. :)

    That is awesome that you've been planning this since you were a teen!

    Bet your bookshelves will have a rolly ladder too!

  3. Just hopping by to say, hi.
    Bookend Diaries

  4. Oh wow! I LOVE that bureau! Gorgeous! Hopping by since you hopped by mine :) I'm a follower too now :D

  5. Just found your blog via the hop :) LOL I LOVE how detailed your description is! You've definitely been thinking about this for a while ;)

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  6. Just hoppin' on by to say "Hi!" Ooo...all those look wonderful!
    Have a fangtastic Halloween!



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